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Henry “Red” Allen SOUNDIES


Filmcraft Productions

William Forest Crouch, executive producer
William Forest Crouch, producer
William Forest Crouch, director

recorded January 21, 1946(R.C.A. Studios, 411 Fifth Avenue, New York City)

sideline photography week commencing January 21 and/or January 28, 1946 (probably the former) (unknown location, almost certainly Filmcraft Studios, 2826 Decatur, Bronx)

Henry (Red) Allen and His Band with J.C. Higginbothan
(Henry “Red” Allen, trumpet, vocal and leader; Don Stovall, alto sax; J.C. Higginbotham, trombone; Bill Thompson, piano; Benny Moten, string bass; Walter Burroughs, drums)

DRINK HEARTY (released March 11, 1946) (Henry “Red” Allen and members of the band , vocal)

MOP (released April 15, 1946) (Henry “Red” Allen and members of the band, vocal)

CRAWL RED CRAWL (released March 13, 1946) Joani Weaver, dance)

COUNT ME OUT (released June 24, 1946) Joani Weaver and Henry Turner, dance)

HOUSE ON 52nd STREET (released June 29, 1946) (Henry “Red” Allen and members of the band, vocal)