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“Fats” Waller SOUNDIES


Minoco Productions
Jack Berry, executive producer
Fred Waller, producer
Warren Murray, director

recorded September 26, 1941 (R.C.A. Studios, 411 Fifth Avenue, New York City)

sideline photography September 29 & 30, 1941 (Eastern Service Studios/Paramount Studios, 3511 35th Avenue, Astoria, Long Island

“Fats” Waller (Thomas “Fats” Waller, piano, vocal and leader; John “Bugs” Hamilton, trumpet; Gene “Honeybear” Sedric, clarinet and tenor sax; Al Casey, guitar; Cedric Wallace, string bass; Wilmore “Slick” Jones, drums)

HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (released November 4, 1941) (“Fats” Waller, vocal)

YOUR FEET’S TOO BIG (released November 17, 1941) (“Fats” Waller, vocal)

THE JOINT IS JUMPIN’ (released December 1, 1941) (“Fats” Waller and Myra Johnson, soundtrack vocal; it is very likely that the female sideline vocalist is also Myra Johnson)

AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ (released December 15, 1941) (“Fats” Waller and Myra Johnson, vocal; the onscreen vocalist who mimes to Miss Johnson’s soundtrack performance is Vivian Brown)

A “FATS” WALLER MEDLEY (released April 9, 1945) – a compilation release with excerpts from all four SOUNDIES)