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The Video Varieties Shorts

that television could be an asset to their operations. Their earliest activities, that is 1948-49, included the reissue of a few United Artist features and short subjects, as well as the production of musical shorts. For the latter they turned to Video Varieties.


Murder In Swingtime

The Les Hite orchestra had been a fixture on the Los Angeles music scene since the early 193Os. Louis Armstrong had fronted the band in 193O for an engagement at Frank Sebastian’s New Cotton Club in Culver City.


Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra

Lucky Millinder was one of the most charismatic of bandleaders, and he parlayed the ability to communicate with audiences into a career that lasted two and a half decades.


Sepia Cinderella, part two

SEPIA CINDERELLA is framed as a love story with music, and it should not be surprising that all of the songs performed by Billy Daniels, Sheila Guyse and Rubel Blakey are strictly popular ballads, with no jazz content. In the music of Deek Watson and John Kirby, however, we have very fine jazz performances.