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Category: Rare Production Documents

Duke Ellington SOUNDIES

This memo, the second page of which appears to be missing, has SOUNDIES executive Gordon Mills announcing and describing four of the marvelous Duke Ellington


Henry “Red” Allen SOUNDIES

HENRY “RED” ALLEN SOUNDIES Filmcraft Productions William Forest Crouch, executive producerWilliam Forest Crouch, producerWilliam Forest Crouch, director recorded January 21, 1946(R.C.A. Studios, 411 Fifth Avenue,


“Fats” Waller SOUNDIES

“FATS” WALLER SOUNDIES Minoco ProductionsJack Berry, executive producerFred Waller, producerWarren Murray, director recorded September 26, 1941 (R.C.A. Studios, 411 Fifth Avenue, New York City) sideline