Cab Calloway was immensely popular in the 1940s, enough so that after a four-Soundie “set” produced in January 1942, Cab returned to film five more Soundies in 1945. He was also featured in a medley that utilized films from the film session. Here we have a song arranged for the band by Buster Harding, one that Cab recorded the month before the Soundie was recorded and filmed. “Virginia, Georgia and Caroline” is an infectiously swinging piece whose lyrics play on both peoples’ names and the names of states. Cab sings the lyrics, supported by the Palmer Brothers, a fine vocal trio that was billed as the Cabaliers when working with Calloway during this period.

Cab’s bands were always strong, and this one swung without let-up. And how could you help from swinging when your rhythm section included Benny Paine, Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, and Cozy Cole? Also, consider that almost every musician was a capable soloist – some were among the best in jazz – and here we have jazz solos by Shad Collins and Tyree Glenn.

Cab’s popularity, and the energetic nature of his music, meant that a “song-story” would not be needed, save the three young ladies (Vivian Brown, Verna Smith, and Marion Egbert) who portray the title characters. If one needed a Soundie to represent the joy and positive vibe of big band music, this one would fit the bill nicely.