Born in Detroit in 1919 (some online sources claim 1916), Pat Flowers was active as a professional musician by his 18th birthday. He moved to New York City in 1939 where he soon became known as a protégé of Fats Waller, whose piano and vocal styles were a strong influence on Flowers. Pat Flowers did, in fact, learn first-hand from Waller and he performed in the lobby of the Yacht Club at the same time that Waller was in residence. As his reputation grew, Flowers was booked into the Swing Club on 52nd Street, and at one point he served as relief pianist at the Famous Door. After Fats Waller’s untimely death in December 1943, Flowers was signed by Waller’s longtime manager, Ed Kirkeby.                                                            

     Flowers worked under Kirkeby’s direction during the mid-1940s. In May 1946 Flowers was booked at the Cafe Society and the following month he signed a contract to record for R.C.A. Victor. Over the next 16 months he would wax almost twenty sides for the label. While his Soundies and recordings all display the influence of his mentor, Flowers was a musician with a voice of his own. His up-tempo choruses in this Soundie allows him to share his considerable technique and inventiveness. And his vocal? Straight out of Fats who, I think, would be pleased.