“Blues of Mary’s Flat” is a Mary Osborne composition, and a rather oddly named tune. First, it is not a blues, but rather a 32-bar song. And “blues of”? Not “blues in,” or “near,” or “down the street from…” Not that it matter a whit!

The regular working trio is present and like the other Soundies in this series, it is in fine form: Mary Osborne, guitar; Sanford Gold, piano; and Frenchy Cavette, string bass. Our dancer is Suzanne Graves, a Manhattan nightclub dancer who also appeared on Broadway. She was dancing in the play Are You With It? (1945) when she, and five others, were signed by William Forest Crouch to appear in a handful of Soundies.

For more information on Mary Osborne and the trio, check out the Soundies description for Rhumba Rebop.